Friday, 20 July 2018

Very beautiful and not quite as expensive a Denmark, I'm glad we waited to buy diesel! If you are thinking of visiting the  famous bridgethen think carefully about the £50 cost each way, we thought it was goodbut not sure if was £50good!

Thursday, 19 July 2018

So far we know that Denmark is very exlensive! We had to cross the Faro bridges to get to our Airbnb tonight and it cost over 30 pounds .I don't think we will be doing any other spending here!Fortunately diesel is cheap in Germany and the full tank should keep us going to Sweden!

Tuesday, 17 July 2018


We are in a small town in the North of Germany staying in  great AirBnB place. The lady who owns the place has even included breakfast in the night's rental, so that is definitely moneysaving. Also,I had a few potatoes,strawberries and cucumbers which I did not want to leave at home, so they have formed the basis of the evening meal.We have to eat up the potatoes over tonight and tomorrow as you are not allowed to bring them into Norway ! The other misbehaving thing about this great AirBnB is the free wifi, so lots of points from MasterShoestring for that one. We also have free parking on the street, right outside the door and it,'s walking distance to town.

Germany is cheaper than Denmark for diesel so we shall be filling up just before the border, but not on the autobahn as we noticed prices are higher there. Also the cost of spending a penny in Belgium has risen to 0.70E and I thought 0.50E last year was expensive. You do get a voucher for the same amount to spend in the shop,so we are saving them to get something on the way back !

Ten Free Things to do on the Ferry

When travelling to Europe the last few times we have used the DFDS service to Dunkirk as it is much cheaper that other ferries and only takes 2 hours. It also comes in at an industrial container port which means getting out and on your way is very quick. However, 2 hours on a ferry can leave you with little change from £50-£100 if you are not careful, so here are 10 ideas to fill the time without breaking the bank !

1) Have a nap

2) Eat a picnic

3) Have a drink from a flask

4) Walk around the boat

5) Watch the departure and get a great view of the White Cliffs of Dover

6) Find a seat and make sure someone from your party is always there to watch over it

7) Window shop

8) Watch the free television

9) Take the children to play in the free play area

10) Watch the boats and sea life

Have a great day, we're off to Nordrhein Westphalia in Germany !

Monday, 16 July 2018

Yellow Stickered Bargains !

Down to the supermarket yesterday to pick up some strawberries for MasterShoestring's birthday breakfast and all the packages had been reduced to 9p ! I picked up 10 packets and have frozen them away for the future. We also ate some on pancakes for the birthday breakfast, yum !

But they also had 2 packets of mixed vegetables for 15p and a gigantic bag of parsnips for 13p, so late last night I was busy making roasted vegetables also for the freezer.

We picked up 4 packets of 9 crumpets for 13p each, a packet of giant wholemeal pita bread for 9p and a loaf of Hovis bread for 17p. I also got 6 scones for 12p.

Quite a haul and the freezer is now well stocked for when we return from holiday. This year I'm going to try something new and try and post to the blog whilst we are away. I'm not sure it will work so if you don't hear from me until August don't worry but if I can I'll post about our frugal adventures in Scandinavia !

Sunday, 15 July 2018

Peas Please !

Yesterday we went out and picked all the peas that are ready. The hot weather has been drying some of them in their pods ! Then we pulled up all the vines and will plant some more lettuce there.

We wanted to get them all picked before we went away on holiday and managed to get 3.5 pounds, which is the largest amount we have ever had. Some of them will be eaten tonight at MasterShoestring's birthday dinner of steak and chips and the rest will be blanched and frozen for later. If I use 1/2 lb for tonight that will give me 6 lots of 1/2lb bags of organic peas for the freezer. Quite a saving and it is nearly impossible to buy organic peas, so we're well pleased that all that watering and good weather has given us a bumper crop.

We don't worry about watering as we have a private well on the property that runs out as soon as the water table drops, so we don't have to worry about instructions not to use hosepipes ! The only problem now is how to keep the remainder of the garden watered whilst we are away !

Saturday, 14 July 2018

Holiday Meal Planning

This holiday photo is from a few years ago and we are looking forward to taking some new ones soon ! However, we are going to Scandinavia and having looked up food prices I've decided to once again take most of our food with us. This has meant making a detailed meal plan and shopping list, meal planning and shopping carefully has been a bit of a theme this week !

MasterShoestring, who is now the tallest in the family, is coming with us so I've had to make sure that we have plenty of snacks along as well ! Over the past few years I've often made things like bread on holiday, but I decided that that is too much work this year as we won't be staying in one place for more than a few days. Deciding to use ready to bake rolls and bread did put the cost of the meal plan up a bit but including a few treats it works out at just over £25 a week for 3 of us, so I think that is pretty good !

Here's the plan:-

Breakfast - pancakes, eggs or weetabix with decaffeinated tea of coffee. I'm taking dried skimmed milk along so we don't have to try and cool liquid milk as we travel.

Lunch- cheese, crackers, tomatoes, buns, ham, salad, fresh fruit, crisps

Supper - pizza, quiche, hot dogs, rice, meatballs, gnocchi. pasta with tomato sauce

Snacks - individual apple pies, chocolate, biscuits and crisps

Now to pack it all in some sort of order so nothing gets squashed or broken (I've never travelled with eggs before) !