Tuesday, 28 November 2017

Homemade Hampers

A homemade hamper is my " go - to" gift for close family members when I'm not sure what to get them. MissShoestring will be getting a 'hygge' hamper to help with all those little touches when she buys her first home in the New Year. It will have a cosy throw, some candles, a book about Hygge and some chocolate and possibly a few other little treats for a cosy night at home. All wrapped up in a shopping basket which can be re-used. The cellophane can be bought off ebay or saved from a hamper you got and then how you decorate it is up to you. I like lots of curling ribbon and a pine cone or two !

USAShoestring will also be getting a gift hamper this year but his will be full of British food which is hard to buy in the USA !

A hamper does not need to cost much and is ideal if you are not very crafty. They can be as large or as small as you want and means that you can customise the contents so that people get what you know they can use !


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  3. I really like your post as well as the hamper. Home made gift hampers are a wonderful way of expressing your love to family and friends. Thanks and keep it up.

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