Tuesday, 1 August 2017

A Wee Trip Out

Off to a conference yesterday and as it was such a fine day we used all our free time in-between presentations to have a look around. This is the war memorial.

A lovely footpath !

The conference venue, a lovely old house with a super garden.

I love it when we can enjoy the countryside at the same time as visiting somewhere for a conference or training. Feels like a mini-holiday !


  1. I like mini-vacations, change of scene and not much cost. As far as re-jigging the budget, with the renovation paid, the added cost for ready-made and frozen food and paying for some separate items I was asked to select like a light fixture and faucet raised my outgo considerably. Thankfully, they will be things I'll keep for years. I added an additional $250 for food from savings and won't be doing that kind of meal planning after next week. I'll be happy to see my fruit and veg stand and not having to buy ready made as I'll be batch cooking, finally.

  2. Oh, that's great ! You'll be so glad to see the finished result ! Well done for using savings so sensibly !