Thursday, 10 August 2017

Right on the Money

During all the wet weather over the past few days I have mostly being staying in and finding zero spend ways to have fun. One of the things we tried out was watching Series 3 of the 'Right on the Money' programme from the BBC. I just paid the license fee and thought that I should try out iPlayer to see what was on !

The programme was recommended on a few frugal blogs I read, so I thought that I would try it out and I must say that I quite like it and have learned a few things too ! I really like that they are using ordinary people for the money makeovers rather than those with vast incomes who are just wasteful. However, what has been a bit shocking is just how little financial literacy there is, I thought the primary school lessons about balancing a budget were a jolly good idea !

I am always looking for frugal inspiration to help me stay on the straight and narrow, especially in a week when I paid £190 car tax, £147 car insurance and £127 for 2 new tires, ouch !! This programme provides it in spades and I am now going to look into sugar craft for cakes and renting out some loft space ! I am also going to see if I can find the first two series for some more wet weather inspiration !

Does anyone else have a favourite source for frugal inspiration ?


  1. Thank you Mrs S. I have read about the programme on other blogs but have not seen it. Will watch it tonight. Your blog is my favourite place for frugal inspiration Mrs M. I look for it every day but I'm sorry that I don't always get time to comment. When I do though, its hard to shut me up. Please keep posting Mrs S. You are doing a grand job. The reason I try to be thrifty is so that I can go Australia every winter to see my son and to go to London as often as I can to see my daughter. Worth doing without and cutting back for! Many thanks for your lovely blog. Kindest regards to you and yours.I love reading about your family. Maureen x

  2. Dear Maureen, I hope that you enjoy the programme as much as I do. I have a sister in Australia and am saving hard to go and visit in two years time, so you are doing a grand job !