Sunday, 6 August 2017

Mending the Lawnmower

Nearly every Summer we have something go wrong with the lawnmower. One Summer thieves tried to run off with it, one summer servicing it cost £169 and one summer we had to buy a new one, so we always keep extra savings in case something has to be done with it. However, over the years we have got more used to what might go wrong with it and so can plan ahead to take preventative action.

Now, we buy a servicing kit and MrShoestring does the servicing himself and we always add fuel stabiliser, so if it is stored away for any length of time then the fuel lines do not get clogged. We have a lot of rough lawn to mow here so a big, high-powered petrol mower is essential.

Well, yesterday it stopped working ! We tried everything, so resigned ourselves to taking it in for repair and facing a more than £100 bill. MrShoestring was all set to load it into the car when MasterShoestring suggested he have one more try to get it started. Well, it did start ! Then it stopped again ! This suggested that a faulty spark plug might be the cause. So we bought a new one at a cost of £2.99 and fitted it.

Now the engine worked but the blades would not turn. A quick look at Youtube and some tightening of the blades and it was working properly ! We were ever so happy that the repair cost £2.99 rather than the £169 servicing charge we would probably have had to pay at the lawnmower centre !

Fixing things yourself is a great skill to have ! What a blessing all those people who post on Youtube are !

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