Saturday, 12 August 2017

Visiting Midsomer

I borrowed this book from the library as we wanted to visit a few local places and were not sure where to go. It has lots of lovely pictures and although I have only seen one episode of the television series, it did highlight some picturesque places we have never seen within 1 hour's driving distance. So we thought that we would plan a tour.

In fact we were not the first people to have that idea and in seeking to put my own tour together I discovered this website :-

It has two different ideas for tours with downloadable maps and lots of pictures and ideas. So guess where we are going today ?

I hope you enjoy your Saturday too !


  1. That long running series is the kind of thing one can binge watch in pajamas on a night in, though I'm sorry John Nettles is gone. I hope you enjoy your tour!

  2. Great to have the recommendation, now I've seen all the places I'll have fun spotting them in the programmes !