Wednesday, 2 August 2017

Outfitting Baby

Just out of curiosity I thought that I would tot up how much it would cost to equip a new baby with all the stuff you would need to start out with. I was shocked to discover that including a cot and a highchair would take the amount to just under £300 !

I can remember that when we were having USAShoestring we looked in Mothercare and then went home and made a crib ourselves, as it was far cheaper. The important thing to remember is that the baby grows so fast that most stuff will not be used very long, especially clothes and nappies. So, there are bargains to be had second-hand.

I found all the clothes for the first year in charity shops and did not pay more than 50p an item. You could do even better at a jumble sale and a quick wash and it's like it always belonged to you. We borrowed a cot and got the pram out of the paper. We also saved big items and lent them to other people and then re-used them ourselves. National Childbirth Trust sales were really good too.

Wait and see what your baby is like before investing lots of money in real nappy systems. It was fine with MissShoestring but MasterShoestring had colitis and disposables met his needs better. I ended up selling the real nappies I'd saved !

Also be aware that babies are born in lots of different sizes and they may be too big or too small for newborn sizes ! Have a few items larger and smaller just in case you need them !

My best item was a good sling so I could leap on and off buses, we had no need of a car seat with the first two, so pick items that fit your lifestyle !

What would you recommend to new parents ?


  1. I would say a baby carrier is my biggest item for a new mama, don't really buy anything but baby grows and the odd outfit if you must as babies just need to be comfy, the number of babies less then a year in fussy outfits amazed me.
    Coconut oil also was great with my sensitive little one.
    Just don't go mad on stuff after all a baby doesn't care!

  2. Great recommendations Nim ! My cousin just has a newborn and he has a new outfit for every photograph !