Sunday, 10 July 2016

Free Biscuits !

Lovely treat yesterday ! I went into the supermarket and noticed that a few people in front of me getting a shopping trolley and with it a free packet of Bahlsen biscuits and a voucher to buy another packet. When I didn't get a packet I was bold enough to approach the promotions chap and ask him for one !

This was too good an opportunity to miss. Back in the 80s when Mr Shoestring ran a speciality store the arrival of the Bahlsen rep was a big event. The store was the only one in Scotland which stocked their biscuits at the time, as there was a large German population living in the neighbourhood and they missed these biscuits ! We learned to love them too ! Now they are too expensive to buy and the only time we have them is when we visit someone.

So coming home with a multi-pack of Bahlsen's new Pick me Up ! biscuit was greeted with joy by the family ! Well at least Miss and Mr Shoestring the rest of us can't eat them ! Oh good they said all the more for us ! But they are quite filling so there are still 3 left in the cupboard as I write ! Very exciting to get such a nice treat for free !

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