Tuesday, 12 July 2016

How to save money in and out of London

Mr Shoestring and I are going to be working in London for a bit in the Autumn and I have been trying to work out ways to cut down how long the commute takes and save some money as well.

We did it this morning and walked to the station from our house which is exactly 1 mile and takes about 20minutes, cost nothing.

Then we got a tube train to Kings Cross and then on to the closest station to work and that took 1 hour, then we walked the last bit which took 15 minutes. Cost £7 and time taken was 1 hour 35 minutes.

On the way back it cost a bit less £5.70 as it wasn't peak time and took a bit longer, 1 hour and 55 minutes as we had to wait for the train. So it was cheap but very time-consuming, nearly 4 hours.

When we do it regularly we will be travelling at peak times so the return cost will be £14 for the main train plus a bus or taxi at each end as the nights draw in and rainy days get even more frequent.

So I started to investigate car parking. Almost impossible to find, but then I discovered that the local authority rents out spaces it does not use at the very reasonable rent of just over £5 a week. Having a parking space would mean that I could drive door to door in 1 hour and 5 minutes . The round trip would need 1 gallon of fuel, cost around £5 so less time and cheaper ! I'm going to try it out on Thursday when I have to be in work for 0730 and see if it works ! My brother does something similar and I didn't believe him when he said that driving in London was quicker and cheaper.

I do have asthma and did worry about bringing another car into the capital but the car has almost 0 emissions, too low to pay the congestion charge so I think it will be alright ! I'll let you know !

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