Friday, 8 July 2016

Menu planning with a holiday in mind

We are off to see USAShoestring on 19th July and will stay until 9th August. With this in mind I needed to change the way I planned the menu.  I was keen to leave some money in the shopping purse as the pound has fallen against the dollar and things will not appear so cheap when we get over there. With school lunches up until we go to pay for as well , the grocery budget is going to be a bit tight and I can't plan on eating as many leftovers either.

So I inventoried what we already had in stock and then decided that we could afford to spend around 30 pounds a week which included all meals and snacks. Whole roast chicken came off the menu and on went meat loaf made with yellow-stickered pork mince which was reduced to 1.24 pounds for 500g, this is half the price of chicken. I also bought more lentils and split peas and added some extra chopped tomatoes which were 5 tins for  a pound, a really good price. I was going to make bean burgers with kidney beans but when I found chickpeas at 5 tins for a pound these were cheaper than value kidney beans at 30p a tin. Dried beans would have been even cheaper but I couldn't find them this month.

Chocolate and sorbet came off the menu and I'll make some crispie cakes using cocoa we already have and sorbet from some tinned mango puree and coconut milk we already have on hand. Starting a few weeks holiday from work will also mean that I can make more time consuming dishes from scratch and that will help the budget as well.

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