Monday, 4 July 2016

The June Reckoning

We had quite a few expenses in June, especially replacing the satellite dish to get Freesat, but that should save money in the long run. We also gave more to charity than usual with a donation for the confirmation and some donations to the school where I am going to be a trustee. 

It was also interesting to see that petrol costs have been consistently over 200 pounds a month since we started having to take Master Shoestring to his new school. We are currently researching bus options but none of them seem to go or leave at times that match the school day. Food was also slightly higher as we are paying for school lunches as well.

 Good news was on book spending which has been cut significantly, even with paying for out of county library services. telephone and internet cost was also up a bit as we had to pay off TalkTalk and pay to join BT, this should even itself out over the course of the year.

So even with a bit of extra spending we managed to save 53% of our income, which is not too shabby ! This month I am aiming on keeping the grocery budget extra low so that we will have a bit extra to spend on holiday as we may not be able to bulk buy etc. whilst away.

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