Saturday, 16 July 2016

The Local Paper

I do not buy the local paper but a local supermarket gives it away for free on Fridays so if I'm passing I get a copy. I also use their website as it lists local jumble sales !

This week I was searching through for free events for the Summer holidays. They were featuring a whole supplement on ideas for keeping children busy, but every idea required an entrance fee and these were not listed in the supplement. I thought that this was a bit sneaky as some families will turn up to these venues and in order not to disappoint the family will end up paying an entrance fee they have not budgeted for !

There were no jumble sales this week, the season is really over until September when people are back from holiday, but there was free jazz fest listed, so that has been added to the diary.

I think that next week I might start a series on local things to do for free. Even if you are not local it might give others some ideas to look around their local area ! Last year we spent quite a bit on holiday in Ireland for things to do when the weather was bad so the series will also be a little reminder to me that this is not going to happen this year !

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