Monday, 11 July 2016

Mango Sorbet

You might remember from the start of the month I said that I was going to make mango sorbet rather than buy it. I used to do this quite regularly as Mr Shoestring is not supposed to eat sugar, now with new medication he does not have to be so strict so a weekly treat of Aldi sorbet at 1.89 for 900ml seemed fine. However, this month we are cutting back so I used a tin of coconut milk, reduced to 40p and a large tin of mango puree from Asda months ago, price 1.20 to mix up a simple no- sugar sorbet.

Usually I use the ice cream maker but it has a bowl that needs to go in the freezer 24 hours before you use it and I forgot so I just stirred it a few times with a fork once it had started to freeze in the freezer. I got 1300ml for 1 pound and 60p so that was a bargain and it was money I had already spent in the stockpile so it was a real win, especially as it is all still sitting in the freezer !

Normally we eat sorbet as a treat on Saturdays, but yesterday we ate strawberries from the garden, they were free, my favourite price !

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