Saturday, 30 July 2016


Having a satellite navigation system has saved us quite a bit of money and inconvenience whilst we have been here.

Miss Shoestring bought it whilst she was over here in the Spring and gave it to me for my birthday.This was a useful present and saved us the 15 dollars a day  the hire company would have charged.

The first thing it helped us with was finding a grocery store off the interstate to buy a picnic. Then it was really helpful at finding a gas station in the middle of nowhere when the car was close to empty, in fact it has done this twice.

The last thing it is really good at it is giving directions to the places we want to go, it has a feature about Places of Interest and you can just enter the name of  the place, for  instance Mount Washington and it calculates the fastest route.

Knowing the fastest route has saved us quite a bit of gas and we have only filled up once since we arriveD. I like reading g maps and wasn't sure if a satellite navigation system was worth it but I think that I am a convert now.

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