Thursday, 7 July 2016

Keeping carrots

So I decided that the great price on carrots of 45p a kilogram was a price worth stocking up on. What to do with 10kg of carrots though ?

Freezing is the obvious answer but carrots do not do so well in long-term freezer storage unless they are blanched. This means putting them in boiling water for 3 minutes and then cooling quickly. Then you have to wait for them to dry and lay out of trays to freeze all the carrot discs separately else you get a big lump of carrots in your freezer bags.

This is quite a lot of work but with it if the price is this cheap as a kilogram of cheap frozen carrots is around 90-100p. It's up to you to decide if all that work in the kitchen is how you want to spend your afternoon as it also means chopping all the carrots and peeling them ( I don't bother with peeling as a lot of the goodness disappears with the peel, you can make good vegetable stock with the peelings though !)

So now we are all stocked with carrots for the winter !

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