Tuesday, 30 May 2017

A Lovely Outing

Buckingham is a very attractive town about an hour away and since the weather yesterday was not so reliable that is where we went for my birthday outing. The picture above is the county goal, which was very splendid. The whole town is full of very old buildings and interesting shops. Nearly all of them were closed yesterday, even the tea shops which was a bit of a surprise.

We had gone there to do the circular walk and fortunately the rain stayed off just long enough to let us do it ! It was spitting a bit when we got out of the car and made our way down to the River Great Ouse.

It was lovely and peaceful along the river and the perfume from the flowers after the recent rain was amazing. We did the 4 miles or so and then walked a bit quicker back towards the town as the sky was darkening.

We admired the golden swan on top of the town hall and then decided to head for home for a cup of tea. We had just got in the house when the heavens opened ! We were so lucky that the rain held off whilst we were walking !

Buckingham has several play parks spread out along the route of the walk and plenty of green space, there is even a little waterfall on the grounds of the university, so well worth taking a picnic and making a day of it, when the weather is better.

We paid nothing but petrol and 50p to pump a flat tyre on the way home, so a great frugal, birthday adventure, especially when we slid down the track from the railway bridge to the road below !


  1. Happy Birthday to you!!! I am glad you had fun. Your outing sounded delightful.

  2. Thank you ! I was so glad that the weather co-operated !