Tuesday, 23 May 2017

Joining the Nielsen Shopping Panel

This arrived last Tuesday, all the way from Belgium where the Nielsen organisation is based. It is a hand-held scanning unit to scan all your shopping. Every week the base unit then downloads all the information to Nielsen who anonymise it and use it to advise retailers on shopping trends. I thought that some more frugal shoppers should be represented on the panel and Nielsen agreed with me !!

You are rewarded for uploading your data with points which can then be exchanged for gifts from the reward catalogue. You get 600 points for joining and then 90 points a week for sending in data. If you haven't bought anything that week you get 75 points. Every 4 and 12 weeks there are bonus points to be won if you have faithfully uploaded your data.

I applied to join before I knew what the rewards are but I requested a gift catalogue last week and it has just arrived. It contains a vast assortment of eclectic merchandise most of which would just add to our clutter ! It is a bit like the old Green Shield stamps catalogue, if anyone can remember those. However, I did find 1 thing we would like and that is a pair of cinema tickets which cost 2138 points. With the starting bonus and the monthly ones I think it will take about 4 months to earn a pair of tickets. This is not a great reward but since we don't buy that much new I don't think that it will be too much work to get free cinema tickets 2-3 times a year ! We'll see !

Nielsen also offer a free prize draw once a month to which you have automatic entry and you can order gifts starting at 1007 points, these were CDs and artificial plants ! They also have an annual prize draw for a car ! I thought that it was worth a go now that I have a bit more time on my hands but if you were busy or did a lot of shopping I'm not sure the rewards be worth it for all that scanning !

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