Friday, 12 May 2017

Frugal Friday

A big welcome to the new people who have just started to follow along here with our frugal journey ! It has been a quiet week on the money saving front, with the big project being the completion of the blueberry planter. MrShoestring even used a special offer to get the ericaceous compost he needed and ended up saving £7.96 !

Other things we did this week included cutting more rhubarb and putting it in the freezer for later and eating lettuce everyday ! This is a big treat and we also cut chives and parsley. The strawberries have lots of flowers, as do the blueberries and blackcurrants so we hope for a good harvest later on.

I needed a book for my course, quite a rare one and was pleased to find it in the library reserve stock. I still had credit from the last ones I ordered so I was able to get it at the local library for free. I also bought a new cookbook from the USA about thrifty eating and used Swagbucks to pay for it, so that was free as well. 

One thing that I have just started doing is re-using the foil which I use to keep MasterShoestring's morning pancakes hot whilst we wait for him to get up ! It seemed a shame to keep throwing it away, so now I put it in the cupboard and re-use it all week. As well as making pancakes every day for breakfast I also made tortilla, meatloaf, chapattis, bread, soup, bolognaise sauce, muffins and soup. MissShoestring was away so we also ate leftovers for a few meals.

We had a couple of birthdays in the extended family this week and I sent gifts purchased with gift cards and used stamps which I got as a reward for helping with theRoyal Mail survey; so the gifts and postage were effectively free and the recipients got something nice. I've got a birthday coming up at the end of the month and have already indicated to my nearest and dearest the useful things I might like. MasterShoestring was scathing at the idea of a useful gift, I think he was afraid that we might get him something useful as a gift too !

I also borrowed magazines, took my own food and drink to training days and interviews and sent some ecards to friends, rather than using up all the stamps !

All in all a good, frugal week !


  1. Once again a good frugal week, I reuse foil I like to get my moneys worth. Have a good weekend.

    1. Thank you ! I hope you have a good one too !

  2. I re-use foil too and wash freezer bags to use again (unless they've held meat)

  3. Yes, re-using freezer bags is a great tip, I dry them over the grain mill, it's just the right size. Not only does it save money but it saved the plastic going to the land fill for a bit as well !