Thursday, 25 May 2017

Planting out Leeks

We love leeks ! There are very handy to have in the garden during the winter when nothing else much is growing and they are very tasty. The strong taste also keeps pests away so that means they are usually very successful in our garden.

However, this year the seedlings were damaged so we did not have any to plant out. Freecycle to the rescue ! A very generous local gardener allowed us to have 25 of her young sprouts as she was going away and would not have time to plant them out. We exchanged stories of woe about all the garden pests around here and I went off with some lovely leek starts for free !

We had already prepared the bed so we only had to make some holes and water them in their new home. I am so happy to have some leeks growing and am looking forward to making some leek and potato soup much later on in the year !


  1. That is cool that you were able to get Leek plants for free. I really need to try growing leeks.

  2. They are well worth the effort and can stay in the ground even when it is frosty !