Friday, 19 May 2017

Frugal Friday

So we have had a quiet week cutting costs. MrShoestring went and collected some more pallets to restore our collection after using so many to build the blueberry planter. There were lots that he had to leave behind as they were too big to fit in the car. I think the building project is coming to an end so it won't be long before that particular pallet supply dries up !

The garden is growing at a great rate now and we had the first radishes and mizuna to add to salads this week. I also made fudge, yoghurt and pumpkin loaf, from the last of the pumpkin puree frozen at Halloween. Homemade granola, pancakes and meatloaf were also on the menu. A new free cookbook arrived from USA and I'm looking forward to trying out some new recipes next week.

The power lead on our digital radio had frayed and kept cutting out so we fixed that with no cost and also downloaded free anti-virus software to protect the computers after the latest ransom ware attack. We booked a free health check for MrShoestring and I updated my will with a cheap form, it cost £5.49 rather than the £170 - 200 quoted by the solicitor. We just need to update the guardians for MasterShoestring so it didn't seem worth paying that amount of money for something so straightforward.

I also got lucky on the Royal Mail Survey prize draw and won £10 ! I thought that it was a joke at first and did not really believe it until the voucher arrived ! So I was very pleased. I also downloaded some free Kindle books and joined the Nielesen shopping panel. The shopping panel scans all your shopping and then rewards you with points which you can exchange for gifts. I think that they might not believe that we buy so little !!

We enjoyed all the good weather for free and the free water from the heavy rain this week, that should help with the garden !

I hope that you had a great week too !

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