Monday, 8 May 2017

Taxing the car online

So, we had the notice in the post that it was time to tax the car. Only a few years ago this used to mean finding the MOT certificate, the certificate of insurance, the ownership documents etc. and then trekking to your nearest chief post office. Then you would stand in a queue for a very long time and since post offices were only open office hours you had to remember to do it during your closest holiday. You could also post all your documents off and hope that you had put the correct postage on the envelope and filled in the form correctly.

This is in big contrast to how I taxed the car today. I used the notice of renewal to logon to the government website and renewed the tax in under 10 seconds ! All I had to do was fill in the special identification number from the letter and confirm that they had the details of the car correct. The tax cost nothing as it has ultra low emissions. We would definitely buy another ultra low emissions car as paying no car tax has been quite a saving over the years .

At present we are thinking that we will replace this current car with an electric one once the prices have fallen enough. At the moment they are still too expensive to make it worthwhile but eventually we should be able to run it for almost nothing as we can charge it using electricity from the roof solar panels. But until then let's hope our 8 year old car gets through the MOT at the end of the month without too many repairs !

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