Tuesday, 16 May 2017

A Visit to Aylesbury

Doing some training in Aylesbury I thought that I could turn the visit into a mini-day out using the breaks in the training and some time before and after the sessions I had to attend. Fortunately, the training was very close to the town centre so not too much time was wasted looking for parking !

Above is a picture from the central square called Market Square, lovely old buildings which reflect the town's status as the county seat. Aylesbury is a strange mixture of old and new as it also has some very up-to-date buildings such as the new theatre.

I hadn't realised that just behind the theatre is a canal, it was quite a nice walk and I was wondering why it had been so well hidden !

Apparently, the Aylesbury part of the canal is a branch of the Grand Union Canal and was originally intended to form part of a plan to link up the Grand Union Canal with the River Thames. However, the landowners and canal builders argued for 17 years about how the water for the canal would be provided and on the end the idea was superseded by the railways ! 

Finally, I took a quick tour around the county museum in the old part of the town and it was back to training ! I can thoroughly recommend a mini day-trip in your lunch break if you happen to be somewhere new ! 

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