Sunday, 7 May 2017

An Art Day

Yesterday, I went to a personal development day as part of the course I am on. It involved making and drawing things and we were all adults on the course. Quite a few people were not very enthusiastic about the day when we first started. I used to feel like that about art activities as I had been told as a girl that I was "no good at art".

By the time the day ended everyone had been able to produce something they were happy with and said how much the day had helped them. I realised that after years of painting, drawing and crafting with children I am no longer "no good at art" ! I actually quite enjoyed crayoning on large pieces of paper and thought that with all the popularity of colouring in books for adults perhaps the next big thing might be art for adults in all its forms ! 

To that end I thought that lots of the things we did on the day could be used in an art day or hour at home. No need to pay for the expensive pottery cafe when it rains at half term but rather break out the pound store drawing pads and crayons ! So I give below 10 easy are activities for you to try at home for adults and children. We did some of these activities with just the adults on the course and found it great fun.

1. Draw self-portraits 2. Take a line for a walk with your eyes closed and colour in the result. 3. Paint or draw a rainbow all over the page. 4. Draw a tree and then turn the page upside down and draw the roots of the tree. 5. Cut out pictures from magazines and use them to make a new picture, stick it all down once you are happy. 6. Make a HAPPY poster with lots of pictures of things that make you happy. 7. Draw the cartoon story of your life. 8. Make a picture from the letters of your name. 9. Copy a flower or other natural thing. 10. Pretend you are taking a photograph but draw, make or paint the image instead.

Have fun !

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