Tuesday, 9 May 2017

Goodbye Bluebells, Hello Roses

It was a lovely day on Sunday so we walked in the woods to say 'farewell' to the bluebells. They are only here for a couple of weeks and I knew that with the warm weather they would be past their best by next weekend.

The incredible colour of bluey-purple against the fresh green of the newly opened beech leaves amazes me every year.

There was just a faint hint of perfume in the air as well, which made our walk seem all the more special.

You can see in this picture how tall the flowers have grown and that there are no more flower buds to open.
I think that the bluebells flowering in the woods is one of the amazing natural wonders and we are so lucky that they are right on out doorstep. Not far away the National Trust are now charging £3 a person to walk in their bluebell woods, so I'm very happy that we can just walk along the free footpaths round here and enjoy them !

Back home we got a surprise to find that one of the roses in the front garden was in bloom, May seems very early for that but it is lovely to see the first signs of Summer on the way !

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