Monday, 15 May 2017

Free Health Check

The NHS has been running its health check scheme for a few years now and it is well worth taking advantage of if you are offered an appointment. It is only for people who are not already being treated for one of the more common diseases of later life e.g.) Type 2 diabetes and is designed to catch those who are already ill but don't know it or who could lower their risk if they knew what the risk was.

The scheme is for people between the ages of 40 and 75 and the idea is that every 5 years they are called in for a health check at their local GP and given advice to lower their risk of common diseases such as heart and kidney disease and diabetes.

It is very straight forward and involves filling in a questionnaire and getting your height, weight and cholesterol measured. The measurements are entered into a computer programme which then calculates your risk of getting these common diseases over the next ten years. Once you have had your initial visit you go back 2 weeks later to discuss your results with a nurse and get any advice you need. The nurse's visit also allows you to discuss any other worries you might have.

We think it is a good preventative health scheme and I've already had my health check done. MrShoestring is going next week. So if you get the chance to go do take it up ! It's all free !

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