Friday, 8 January 2016

Car Breakdown Cover

I am not sure that it is a very 'shoestring' topic to be talking about your car but we need one to get to work.  It is old, reliable and small and when we lived closer to work we did use bicycles but now there is no public transport to where we work so we need the car. The need to get to work is one of the main reasons why we have breakdown cover. Only the cheapest sort that fixes emergencies by the road but an extra expense nevertheless. Having paid over 150 pounds one year to get the car towed to a garage we look upon it as slightly money saving and the peace of mind is worth having too !

So having used Moneysavingexpert to check the cheapest offer and worked out that it would cost 42 pounds for both of us I called the Royal Automobile Cover to tell them that we would not be auto-renewing with them since that would be 20 pounds more expensive ! After a very long wait Ross in the Renewals Department was very helpful and requested permission to match the cheapest quote I had. The RAC matched the quote and I was able to renew with them. A win for them as they did not lose a customer and a win for the Shoestrings as the cover with RAC includes fixing at the roadside instead of paying and then claiming back as it does with the cheap company I had identified.

Many thanks to Ross for being so helpful !

My challenge to you today is :- Have you ever beaten a renewal quotation by talking to your existing provider ?

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