Sunday, 10 January 2016

Pause for Reflection

So once a week we pause for reflection and feel that it is a good thing just to slow down and notice all the blessings in our life. Sundays are usual very busy as we get ready to go back to work but we also try to take Master Shoestring to service, catch up with friends and family and generally be a little less busy, at least for a few hours, then we usually are.

Here is a lovely picture of snowdrops which I took earlier on this week. They are usually poking through at this time of year round here but it is a bit early for them to be flowering, so I popped the date on the picture and maybe I'll go back to the same spot next year and see whether this was a one off event or the start of something new.

The start of something new is often a theme that we contemplate at the beginning of the new calendar year. But it is possible to make a new start at any time and no matter how many times you fail you can always start again. What do you need to make a new start with today ?

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