Wednesday, 13 January 2016

Home haircuts

This is Mr Shoestring's new haircut. He saved himself nearly 13 pounds by asking Mrs Shoestring to do it for him. He does sometimes go to the barber to get a proper haircut but often doesn't think about it until it is too late to go that day. Also, as you will have noticed he has less hair than some customers and feels that he should be offered a discount for being less work, but has yet to be offered one !

So quite a few years ago now, when we lived in the USA we bought a home haircutting kit with a set of clippers, combs and sharp hairdressing scissors. Videos on YouTube showed Mrs Shoestring what to do and now a little trim takes around 15 minutes plus the time to brush up the hair ! Mrs Shoestring likes the saving, Mr Shoestring likes having a tidy up when he feels like it ! However, to maintain the proper shape he still goes twice a year for that proper haircut referred to above. It might not matter so much if he didn't have quite curly hair which eventually needs bit of a prune rather than just a trim.

Mrs Shoestring has started to use a haircutting device which holds the hair in place at the proper angle so you can cut your fringe straight. She has also bought the one which lets you cut layers into the rest of your hair but still lacks the courage to try it ! Mrs Shoestring hates the hairdressers and goes as little as possible. She has tried all sorts of variations over the years from always going to the same stylist every 6 weeks and tipping well to booking at the local college and taking whatever hairstyle she has been offered, But alas, the perfect hairstyle for thick, long, going grey hair around a very large face eludes her ! The little device for cutting layers has been out of the packet and videos and photographs of what to do have been perused at length but yesterday only the fringe was cut and an internal promise made to maybe visit the hairdresser once this year !

My challenge to you today :- Do you cut hair at home ?


  1. I have a set of those clippers! If you treat them right they last forever. I bought mine over 30 years ago and cut my husband's and all three sons hair until they left home. I shouldn't say cut, more of a longish shave:-)
    When we moved into town my husband went to the local barber, and then I cleaned him up at home. When the barber moved away I went back to cutting his hair. He says the only difference between a good cut and a bad one is 3 days.
    Have a great week!

  2. I love that you have been using the clippers for 30 years ! Did you find that you had to sharpen them at all ? This last haircut doesn't seem to have been quite as good as the previous ones, bit like I said Mr Shoestring had let his hair get rather long !

  3. Buying a good set of clippers, hair shears, clips and capes is a must. I bought a good set of clippers about three years ago online and started skipping the barbershop. At first my guy helped me, but then my kids just wanted him to do their haircuts. Either way it has saved me over $400 a year counting haircut, tip and transportation. I take a seat every other month and have him trim my hair. Savings on my haircuts adds up to over $600 a year with great results. He has not given me one bad haircut, can't say that about the salon, where I was lucky if I could get three good ones in a row, and I was paying over $55 per haircut. I have grown my hair out to my elbows and have added hair color to the tasks I have my guy do for me. I buy henna online and it costs me less than $40 a year. My neighbor pays $130 every six weeks for a cut and root touch up color. And while you do not get a discount for having very little hair, they charge a lot extra for long hair. For my length, they would charge close to $200 for cut and color. That is insane! So needless to say I will not be heading to the salon or taking my children to the barbers