Sunday, 3 January 2016

In The Beginning

A long time ago and far, far away there was a family where the Mum worked full time and believed that buying instant ready meals and ordering clothes from Boden was the only way to manage a busy lifestyle. This was the same lassie who ten years previously had been volunteering for no wages and making her allowance of twenty pounds a month last until she got the next instalment.

All that changed when Master Shoestring arrived and an article about Thrift caught our Mum's eye in her glossy magazine. There was time to read said glossy magazine because this was the first child where Mum had actually taken maternity leave ! Hmm she wondered is it possible to not to run a credit card bill ?

Now said baby is 13 years old, picture is us on holiday in Ireland Summer 2015 and I have learned that you do not need to run a credit card bill to lead a comfy life.

Last year we saved 54% of our income whilst giving 5% to charity. This year I've started a blog to record our progress towards saving 60% or more as we strive to retire before the compulsory age of 67. We are trying to do this on the average income for this country as both Mr Shoestring and I continue to work for alternative educational initiatives which do not pay the same as a State sponsored organisation would.

Join us for the journey towards saving, giving, loving and living.

My challenge for you today is :- Can you tell where every pound goes ?


  1. Mr Shoestring here :- I'm gobsmacked that we've finally got round to getting a blog. I look forward to meeting lots of new people online and sharing thrifty tips.

  2. I'm happy to meet you, Mrs. Shoestring! I look forward to following along with you on your thrifty journey! We too are working towards being debt-free and saving for retirement... and you are right, it can be done by saving and giving... really they do both go hand in hand! Have a blessed and wonderful day! Glad to have found you :)