Saturday, 30 January 2016

Pet Sitting

Here a couple of cute guinea pigs, Ginger and Fluffy, who came home with us last weekend for a spot of pet sitting whilst they waited to be re-homed. If your family does not have pets or is wondering which one might be  a good fit then helping with re-homing can be the ideal way to find out.

The Shoestring family does not have pets just now as we are away from home for a long time during the day and that does not seem fair on a companion animal. However, we are fond of animals and doing a bit of pet sitting during the weekends or holidays is the ideal way to give Master Shoestring some insight into pet care. If we were to ever get a pet, it would definitely be from a re-homing charity. There are lots of pets looking for a new home and the charity will ensure that your new pet is a good fit for you. The animals will have been well-looked after and checked over by a vet and available for the cost of a donation to the charity or even free. This seems like a frugal win-win ! We enjoyed our time with Ginger and Fluffy and are looking forward to our next guests !

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