Tuesday, 19 January 2016

Pizza !

This is Master Shoestring's pizza with tomato sauce and ham.

The next one is Mr Shoestring's pizza with goat's cheese and the final one is a traditional pizza margherita with tomato sauce and cow's milk cheese.

I made all of these pizzas for the cost of just over a pound and a time commitment of around 20 minutes not including baking time.

The big advantage for us is that all dietary needs can be catered for and it is a frugal treat, ideal for all those teenage boys who come over !

I use the same bread recipe that I posted the other day and the same tomato sauce recipe. I split the bread recipe in 3 and roll it out into pizza pans rather than knocking it down and putting it in a bread tin. The tomato sauce is made and blended and then 3 tablespoons are placed on each base, the rest is kept for another day. Sprinkle all all your favourite toppings and pop in the oven for 20 minutes at 200C. Much nicer than shop bought, nearly as quick and better for you, also bigger helpings ! One of Master Shoestring's friends had a to take a 'doggy' bag home with him !

My challenge for today :- Have you made homemade pizza ?

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