Thursday, 28 January 2016

How to feed your family for £5 a day

I have had a copy of this little cookbook since we were first married and all the measurements were still in imperial. It was updated and re-issued in 2012 and it is amazing to think that these budgeted recipes still enable you to do just what it says, feed a family of 2 adults and 2 children for 5 pounds a day.

As a new Mum and Wife one of the things I found helpful about the book is that it starts from the basics, what to have in your store cupboard and how to store it. How to make a shopping list and cost it, what to give people for breakfast instead of expensive cereal and milk. How to ensure everyone gets a balanced diet, where to shop to get the best deals. It was and still is much more that just a collection of thrifty recipes.

There are also sections about what is in season when and so should be cheaper in the shops and a set of weekly meal plans that stretch over 4 weeks so you can see exactly what you should be buying and how to use up something that is left over from a previous week. The author even has a section on planning for leftovers.

None of the recipes are complicated and they all work. The book is cheap to buy and although it does not contain any pictures to show the finished dishes the instructions are so clear that you have the feeling that the author has cooked each dish over and over again for her family so you have the confidence that your attempt will turn out just as it is supposed to.

I have given this book to students and young people setting out in life together and for anyone who does not need pictures I would thoroughly recommend it as a first cookbook.

Do you have a cookbook you recommend for beginners ?


  1. This sounds like a wonderful cookbook! Just had a conversation today with a friend and we were talking about woefully unprepared most young people are today starting on their own. This would be a wonderful book to provide someone who has had little to no basic training in the kitchen. When I first married, I had lots of experience in the kitchen growing up, but still, had a lot to learn without Mom there to supervise. My favorite cookbook was the Betty Crocker 3-ring binder that showed pictures and talked about everything possible you might want to do in the kitchen. I found it to be an invaluable resource. A great post today :)

  2. I've always wanted a copy of the Betty Crocker cookbook, so I look forward to having a look for one, with pictures it sounds even better than the one I recommend here !