Wednesday, 6 January 2016


Very excited about a Wowcher voucher which has allowed me to buy 20 pounds of food at Approved Foods for 5 pounds. It may still be available so it is worth checking. WOWCHER is free to join and although I am not normally interested in what they have on offer Approved Foods is an on-line grocery retailer which I often use in the holidays, the delivery is by courier so if it's not the holidays I'm not in to receive it and I don't want to have to trek to the depot to collect the parcel.

But in the holidays that is a different matter. I was able to get Lindt 70% Chocolate which is one of the few dairy-free, soya-free options that there are in chocolate, rice milk for less than half the normal cost, very cheap salt, which is great for tackling the weeds on our driveway, gluten-free cake ( for emergencies when all the cake in the house has been eaten !) and very cheap tinned tomatoes at less than 1/3 of the cost normally and they were a much more expensive brand than I usually buy.

The great thing about this deal was that I was able to stock up at a price that will easily allow me to stay in budget this month, especially on things like the chocolate and rice milk which I often have to pay full retail price for. So a  great shoestring deal !

My challenge for today is :- Have you have shopped on-line for groceries and paid much less than you would have in the local shops ?

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