Tuesday, 26 January 2016

Making Tortillas

We make all our own tortillas and much prefer them to shop-bought. For a long time I bought packets for ShoestringUSA and Miss Shoestring as they did not have medically necessary diets but then they started to complain that the homemade ones were better and why couldn't they have them too ! So know everyone eats homemade !

To make 4 you need 175g wholemeal flour, 2 tablespoons oil, 100ml water and some flour for rolling out.

Mix all the ingredients to a soft dough and divide into 4 pieces, roll out on a floured board.

Coat a heavy bottomed frying pan with oil and once it is hot fry the tortillas, you do not need to keep on adding oil as they will cook just fine in the hot pan and even get those nice authentic brown spots.

Ignore the odd shapes and enjoy with your favourite fillings !


  1. I love making homemade tortillas, although sadly to say, I don't always make them homemade. Yours look absolutely wonderful, and it is great to be able to make them with whole wheat flour too!

  2. It would be great to have your recipe if you've got one !

  3. We also like to make our own tortillas with wholewheat flour. So much nicer than the store bought!