Thursday, 21 January 2016

Pressure Cooking Properly Explained

For a long time I resisted buying a pressure cooker, I thought that they were dangerous, that I would not be able to work out how to use it and that it did not really save that much time or fuel. I also thought that it would be too big and bulky to store in a cupboard.

However, I have great admiration for Elaine over at Mortgage Free in Three and she kept on posting recipes to use in the pressure cooker and raving about how much it was saving her and how delicious the meals were and how quick it was that when I saw stainless steel one on special offer I succumbed and bought one ! It arrived the next day and all my feelings of fear and inadequacy rushed back. Oh dear, now I was going to have to use it !

So I borrowed a beginner's guide from the library. It was full of dinner party recipes from the 1970s and I couldn't understand any of them. I needed the idiot's guide, the 101 of pressure cooking. In a fit of inspiration I looked up the author of the slow cooking book I liked so much, hooray, she had also written a guide to pressure cooking. I ordered it at once. No time to wait for a second-hand copy, how could I justify buying the expensive cooker if I did not use it to cook something with !

The calvary of pressure cooking arrived a few days later and I have not become used to the magic that is pressure cooking yet. As a physics graduate I do understand how it works but as an everyday cook I still find it just a bit miraculous, you put all the ingredients for soup in and soup appears after 10 minutes, my kind of gadget ! The book was just what I needed and we have used every soup recipe in it multiple times. I cannot recommend it highly enough for the pressure cooking novice !

My challenge for you today :- Have you used a pressure cooker, do you have a favourite recipe ?

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