Friday, 22 January 2016

Cooking Dried Beans

First soak your lentils or beans overnight. Here is a bag of lentils which I started off one evening last week.

Then boil then for 10 minutes to remove toxins. Now cook until soft in the pressure cooker or just on the hob. For lentils on the hob this takes around 30 minutes, for beans around 1 hour. It is much quicker in the pressure cooker and timings should be given in your instruction manual. 

I got 5 bags of lentils weighing 400g each, the same as a tin, for a total cost of 36p including fuel. The dried lentils were reduced to 22p so that helped to make the saving very good indeed ! A tin of lentils can be quite expensive so this is well worth doing.  Do you use dried beans ?


  1. I have been just thinking this week that I should use more dried beans and pulses to save more money, I didn't think you had to soak lentils?

    1. Hi ! I always soak and boil green or brown lentils as it reduces the overall cooking time by quite a bit and the family like their lentils more on the soft side ! The cost saving depends on how cheaply you can buy the dried packets, sometimes it isn't worth it once you add in the cost of the power to cook them, but this time it definitely was !

      Good luck with your experimenting !