Friday, 16 December 2016

Frugal Things this week

This week is the last week I shall be commuting into London and I have been saving money by not loading the Oyster card with a fixed amount but using my contactless bank card to pay the fare. This should mean that I am only left with a few pence on the Oyster card rather than several pounds.

As I explained on Monday we packed picnic food for Master Shoestring's trip and have been posting Christmas parcels this week so they can go second class. I have also been using my free stamps to keep costs down and have rejoined the postal survey to earn some more.

Mr Shoestring worked out what he would need to repair his Mum's plumbing and brought the items from our stack here rather than having to pay high prices at the hardware store near her house.

I made a batch of shortbread for a gift rather than buying something and handed out homemade cards at work. I also took note of some loss leader prices on Christmas vegetables and have plans to blanch some and put it in the freezer this weekend, 29p a kilo for carrots probably can't be beaten !   

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