Saturday, 31 December 2016

Wax Melting for New Year

I have an old tin pot which I keep from year to year specifically so we can melt wax for the New Year. The idea is that you gather up all your old candle ends and melt them over hot water. You can skim out the old wicks but we usually do not bother as the idea is to pour the wax in to a bowl of cold water. Each person takes a turn at pouring the wax and seeing what shape it makes as it suddenly cools in the water. Then we have great fun making up stories about what the New Year will bring for that person based on the shape made. It is just a bit of fun and ideal for older children who get bored waiting up for the New Year.

When the children were very small we used to put them to bed and then get them up a few hours later and pretend that it was New Year at 8pm. This is a bit harder to do if you live somewhere where fireworks are very popular !

Wherever you are, whatever you do to celebrate I hope that you have a great New Year !


  1. The wax melting is a very interesting tradition. I had never heard of that. We did some wax melting recently as we tried making wikki stixs/Bendaroos - bees wax covered yarn that you can play with and make into different things.

    1. Now, I've got something new to try ! I've never heard of covering yarn with beeswax, that sounds like a lot of fun !