Friday, 2 December 2016

Frugal Things we did this week

There were several frugal things which we did this week which I was quite proud of. The first was re-using Master Shoestrings chocolate Advent calendar from last year. He can only eat dairy free chocolate and he likes a chocolate calendar, as he is now a bit old just for ones with pictures. So we kept the allergy free calendar from last year as it came with a plastic tray with little images on it which looked a lot like a tray of chocolate moulds.

This year I melted some chocolate in the microwave and then spooned it into that tray to see if I could make my own little chocolates for the calendar. A few minutes in the fridge and I was popping out little chocolates ! I put the tray and the new chocolates back inside last year's calendar and closed all the doors. It looks as good as new and cost 30p, using chocolate from Lidl, rather than £6.99 ! I was very pleased and I think Master Shoestring will be as well !

The other thing we did was make our own Advent wreath and used candles we already had to light it. Wreaths were on sale in town for £12, so that saved quite a bit as well. We also got the IKEA tree and menu planned for December so we won't buy too much !

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