Monday, 26 December 2016

Going to the Sales

Depending on where you are today, Boxing Day may be the day to go to the sales, either in person or online. I always try and buy the things I need for next year's celebration in the sales. These tend to be better than Black Friday deals and get even better as we move into January.

However, I have noticed that shops are trying to cycle through the sales faster than they were before and so far I have noticed that big supermarkets for instance are not discounting food or decorations as deeply as they once were. So my advice is to make a list of what you NEED and then go out this week to look for it at a discount of at least 50%. Less than that and it might not be worth buying. Look ahead to any weddings, baby or graduation gifts you might need this year and then pick them up at a steep discount to store away for later.

I don't need very much this year so will be sticking strictly to the list. So far I haven't done very well. only buying 2 small items but that is also because I dismissed some other things because they were not priced at a steep enough discount. I shall look again later ! Good luck with your sales shopping and remember that it is only a bargain if it is something you would have bought anyway !

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