Saturday, 24 December 2016

Unblocking a plumbing blockage

This might seem a strange post for Christmas Eve, but yesterday MrShoestring did manage to unblock the sink in our bathroom using a new sort of plunger like the one shown above. We thought that lots of people end up with a plumbing emergency over the holidays when plumbers are hard to get hold of so having one of these sink and bath unblockers on hand might be a good idea ! Today, whilst the shops are still open is not too late to get one !

MrShoestring spent a long time trying to unblock the sink using a plumbing snake and an ordinary plunger. He made a big mess and by the end of it, instead of the sink just being slow to drain it was completely blocked !

We started to research on the internet about what else we might do and came across a special gas that in contact with water will guarantee to unblock blockages in 1 second. This sounded liked the right product but it was only available online and at a cost of £22. This seemed a bargain compared to the cost of getting a plumber but MrShoestring spotted one of these in the Screwfix catalogue and dashed off to the industrial estate to get one 10 minutes before it closed. Returning triumphant with this special pressure plunger he had fixed the sink in 5 minutes !

We have a septic tank and old plumbing lines so we also have a set of septic line rods for unblocking the lines to and from the septic tank, these come in very handy if we have a lot of people stay, like over the holidays, as they often don't understand that you cannot throw the usual stuff down the toilet when you have a tank ! Be prepared is our watchword for the holidays, so I hope that you are well-prepared for plumbing and other emergencies !

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