Friday, 9 December 2016

Frugal things we did this week

The nicest frugal thing I did this week was make little chocolates to go in Master Shoestring's shoes for the visit of St. Nicholas. At 14, he still wants to hear how he is doing and be rewarded for his good deeds !

IKEA has chocolate moulds for 80p and you can also find them in pound shops or dollar stores. I also used festive bags to wrap them and I made them with ingredients that I had on hand, so no money spent. I also used the chocolate which got stuck round the edges of the melting bowl to make some chocolate raisins. You just put a few raisins in the bowl and roll them around in the chocolate which is left. I left them on a non-stick sheet to dry and that was another little treat for Master Shoestring's shoe !

We are also being very careful about topping up our travel card with the exact amount of money we need, with only 1 more week of commuting left we don't want to be left with money on the card which we can't spend.

I also scheduled a service on the car for after the next pay period so we don't have to pay for that just now. We watched Netflix instead of going to the cinema and arranged a lift one way to a party Master Shoestring was going to so that parents shared the cost and the time that the journey took.

I also ordered a few gifts for next Christmas season, taking advantage of a reduction to £1 of a very nice gift which will easily keep in the cupboard until Christmas 2017.

I mended some socks, a pair of tights and a pair of pyjamas and ordered a book I needed for my course through the library for a cost of 60p rather than the £9.99 it would have cost to buy.

I also bought 12 pints of milk to put in the freezer for 21p each and found a reduced lettuce for 20p.

So all in all a good frugal week !

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