Wednesday, 28 December 2016

Shopping for Christmas 2017

So I have been doing a bit of shopping for  next year's Christmas presents and accessories and so far have spent under £15. I bought books for a lot of people using the lovely book token I got from grateful parents at work. Then I inventoried all the Christmas stuff and decided that we do not need to buy anything as long as the Christmas tree is not lit too often ! I found lots of stocking stuffers left over from previous years and so have decided that next year we can just round that out with some chocolate and free items, so no shopping there.

Finally I went on the Sports Direct website as they always have really good discounts and found some base layers and tee shirts which all the menfolk will love. Even with the postage cost the items were a very good price. I wondered about using the Click and Collect service as then I would have got another £5 voucher to spend in-store and not have had to pay postage. However, the store is 10 miles away so I had to reckon in the petrol cost and it is also in a really, busy town with lots of discount shops. I knew that I would want to have a look in all the discount places and would then see lots of things which would come in 'handy'. So in the end I decided that paying the postage cost was probably more frugal than going to the store.

I still have a £20 voucher to spend in IKEA later on next year so I think that will take care of everything ! It's all about NEEDS not WANTS next year so although I missed not going bargain hunting as much as in previous years I know that my bank balance will thank me.

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