Wednesday, 7 December 2016


The closest pound shop to us is a 20 mile round trip away so I tend to go 3-4 times a year and stock up on the things which are good value there, such as stocking fillers and stationery. However, in the Summer I discovered that there is a pound shop which operates online, it is called poundshop and I ordered several things for back to school in August. I was very pleased with the quality and the prices. The delivery is quite expensive at £6.50 so I made a big order of £35 in order to qualify for free shipping. Thinking about spending petrol money to visit the pound shop in person also helps me see that as long as I order things we are going to need this is still money saving.

This time I spotted that they had some nice Christmas gifts and I wanted to order 8 of them to store away for Christmas 2017, however with the postage that did not seem such good value. So I out in another big order to get the free shipping of things like tea bags and rubber gloves to get up to the free shipping. I checked the prices with other websites, such as my supermarket, to make sure that I was getting a bargain. All in all I spent £8 on gifts, £3 on food and £20 on household items as they had a killer deal on toilet paper. We have plenty of room to store toilet paper and will definitely need it !

I'm looking forward to the order arriving and feeling all stocked up !

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