Friday, 30 December 2016

Frugal Things we did this week

This might seem a funny week to be posting a list of frugal things we did this week but we still did them !

We also did some unfrugal things, like having the heating on all day as we had guests !

So firstly, we did save some wrapping paper and packaging which was non-Chrsitmas specific and put it away for re-use later in the year.

Secondly, we put a couple of gifts which were duplicates into the re-gifting section of the gift cupboard. Re-gifting is alright in our book as long as it is something that the recipient will love, the gift is brand-new and there is no chance that they will ever find out that it is a re-gift !

We ate leftovers all week and deforested the freezer where the giant turkey had been stored. We transferred everything left to the big freezer and now we can switch off the little freezer until next Autumn when it will once again hold harvest bounty. So that will save a bit of energy !

We went to the sales and only bought 2 things costing 20p ! Everything else was not a NEED and the prices were too high ! Then spent a bit online and decided that paying postage was more frugal than looking around the shops ! I will have another look next week with a list.

We used stamps from the Royal Mail survey to send 'Thank you ' letters and used email for some as well, so no cost there.

We took MissShoestring back to her flat at a time when there was no congestion charge so £11.50 saved there.

We have made a budget for 2017 and hope to stick to it !

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