Thursday, 29 June 2017

A Very Helpful Garage

It is always a good idea to find a helpful, cheap garage to do the work on a car which you cannot do yourself. A few years ago we started using a local independent garage who were cheaper than the main dealer and always very good about letting you find parts yourself etc. We have used them for a few years now and have always been very happy with them.

However, on Monday they went above and beyond to help me out with the car and did not charge me anything for the fix ! They are in the Good Garage scheme so I have left some very positive feedback by way of a 'Thank You ".

I was driving on the school run about 10 miles from home when 3 engine warning lights came on and I got MasterShoestring to read the manual whilst I continued on the way to school. It said to get the car checked straight away. I drove home, as I did not want to be stuck waiting for the breakdown truck, then called the garage.

They said that they had no spaces that day but they could send a technician up after lunch to have a look at it. When the technician arrived he used his computer to discover a faulty sensor on the camshaft. He fixed the wiring and the fault was gone. He charged nothing for this service or for his time and the car was fixed in time for collecting MasterShoestring. I was so grateful !

Needless to say we shall keep on using our great garage, Oakleigh in Chesham !


  1. Now that is quite amazing that no charge came for this call that fixed your car in no time! I would definitely be giving favorable reviews as well! It makes you so thankful to find people that are honest and do a job well!