Friday, 2 June 2017

Frugal Friday

Lots of frugal fun this week with 2 birthdays and last night a local election hustings which was as much fun for people watching as it was listening to the candidates.

I got another £5 voucher for the Correctly Delivered survey so spent £4.69 on a guarantee for 15 years laser sharp kitchen knife as we needed another small, sharp knife in the kitchen drawer. We cleaned MissShoestring's car ourselves and were treated to a free Valet and MOT on our car when we took it in for an MOT test and service.

 We planted the last of the free wildflower seeds, but I'm not sure if they will survive the pigeon attacks. The free local paper was a good read and will be saved for lighting the fire in the Autumn. We made the most of the increasingly good weather this week by having a barbecue for MissShoestring's birthday. The very first of the strawberries appeared in the garden yesterday and we enjoyed having one each !

I sold an unwanted gift for my birthday and used to get a book I wanted. I enrolled in a free online course which will help with a college assignment and I started to learn Italian with Duolingo ready for our holiday at the end of August. I also downloaded more free Kindle books and was sent a menu planning book for free in exchange for some proof reading.

This week we made 2 birthdays cakes, burgers, buns, yoghurt, tortillas, chips, pancakes and bread from scratch. I also installed a sav-a-flush device in one of the toilets which isn't low flow.

I spent £101 on food, which with a little top up should be enough for the month and scanned all the purchases with the Nielsen scanner to get some more points towards cinema tickets. We mended a puncture in one of the bikes and used the cheapest petrol station to get fuel for the car. It was half term so I didn't have to pay for lunches for MasterShoestring.

All in all a good frugal week, especially as the garden is producing well !

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