Sunday, 4 June 2017

Learning a Language

With all the lovely sunny weather my mind has been turning to our late Summer holiday in Italy. I wanted to learn a bit more Italian and have been trying various different methods. So far I have found Duolingo the best. This is a free web or app based programme which allows you to learn various languages. I like the fact that you can do just 10 minutes a day and hear the words spoken. But I think that it would probably work best if you also had a book to go with it as I have to guess what the words mean sometimes and then learn them. For instance the verbs are not all written down together so it has taken me ages to learn a few simple pronouns.

I also liked the BBC mystery series but not all the episodes were available online so I gave up on that. I am going to try and get a book at the library to go with the Duolingo programme and would be happy to hear if you have any more tips !

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