Thursday, 22 June 2017

Packing your Supper

I am going to be very busy today, so busy that I won't make it home to eat any supper before heading off for my course. I pondered various frugal options like eating beforehand or buying some food on the way. Then I realised that there is no need for packed meals to be confined to lunchtime, I can take one for supper too.

Since the weather is so hot I will have to be careful that everything is kept cool whilst I am whizzing about but the nice thing about using the car is that having a cool box along is no problem.

If I was travelling by public transport I would just change what I was taking so that would be no problem. A tasty packed tea that I can eat on the way is just what I need on this busy day and no more expensive than eating out at home. I'm so glad that I thought of this in time I was already being tempted by the idea of cooled water from the college vending machines !

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