Saturday, 3 June 2017

The Grow Network

Our garden is producing well this Summer and I am very thankful for it so I thought that I would share a resource that I have found very helpful in getting it that way. It comes from the USA so not all the ideas are applicable over here but lots of them are !

You can have a look at all the useful information at One of the reasons I was so keen to let you know about it is that from Monday they are running a Home Grown Food Summit entirely on the internet so you can watch all the presentations from home and they are all free. I signed up last week and got 3 free bonus videos which I found useful, even though I don't plan to raise rabbits for meat any time soon !

Pop over and have a look, one of the most useful ideas we saw early on was to layer compost in the beds much thicker than we normally do and to have a whole patch of lettuce leaves rather than rows of individual lettuce. That patch has produced salad everyday since the start of May and is still going strong ! The website is worth a look to see if you cant learn something new too !

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